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The Kimberley 4WD Experience - Australian Outback Tour
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This journey begins in the Red Centre of Australia at Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Explore the region of the Kimberleys with its' rugged ranges, spectacular escarpements, red sheer cliffs, purple haze, clear blue skies, crystal waterfalls cascading through chasms - a tapestry of colour to delight the senses.

Your 4WD Adventure Tour departs from Alice Springs in Central Australia, Northern Territory. Heading up the Tanami Track to Tilmouth Well, continues to Rabbit Flat and on to Hall's Creek in Far North West Australia, through dry sandy desert outback country.

The 4WD trek then turns west and head for Fitzroy Crossing, and just for fun you can cross the old crossing (4x4 only) that has been replaced by a modern bridge.

The unforgettable site of sunset over the Indian Ocean is experienced in Broome WA, at the now famous Cable Beach, on the west coast of Far North WA Australia.

Your 4x4 adventure now detours north to Cape Leveque on the far north coast of the Kimberly in Western Australia.

The trek returns along the 4WD track to Broome, then on to Derby before heading east along the Gibb River Road. You only see 4 wheel drive vehicles out here as the tour explores some of the most concentrated areas of gorges in the Kimberley Ranges region.

Walk underground through Tunnel Creek, hike into Bell Gorge, and experience the Gibb River Road, Mount Barnett, Manning Gorge, and Barnett River Gorge, all prominent natural features of this remote part of far North of Western Australia.

Some of these areas are challenging 4WD experiences in their own right. After leaving the Gibb Road the road conditions become a real oz outback adventure, as the last frontier of the Mitchell Plateau is tackled.

The trek into Mitchell Falls is accessible via helicopter flight, or hiking into the falls and swimming holes. Cabbage palms dominate the area and their silhouettes against the setting sun are spectacular.

Next stop is Kalumburu , originally the home of a early Australian outback Catholic Mission, evidenced by the nearby cemetery. On the outskirts of the Kalumburu township a short drive to an old World War II airfield and old plane wrecks is an interesting excursion.

We continue north to Honeymoon Bay on Napier Broome Bay, almost the very top of the rugged north coast of WA.

Fishing with the locals is highly recommended and even the worst fish eater will be converted. The old Pago Mission ruins is a short 4x4 drive along the coastline where Australian native birdlife abounds.

The Kimberley adventure continues as the tour returns from North Beach, the most northern coastal area of Top End WA that is accessible by road.

We head next for the mighty Drysdale River, and stay the night at the Drysdale River Campground before heading back once more to the Gibb River Road. Our 4x4 adventure trek heads east into the Pentecost Range. The shimmering haze of colour lures us on to the Pentecost River.

The bustling town of Kununurra on the Ord River WA is a base for exploring the Argyle Diamond Mine (tours can be arranged from here). Also explore the Ord River Scheme, Lake Argyle Village, and the Ord Dam, which at capacity holds more water than seven times Sydney Harbour.

We head south down the Great North Highway to the honeycomb formations of the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia.

A challenging 4WD outback adventure track brings the tour into stunning gorges and chasms of the Bungle Bungles. These unique Australian rock formations have no equivalent anywhere in the world.

The bushwalking and hiking although often long, is well worth the effort. If you're not into walking, there is still much to experience from afar in this unusual ancient land.

The 4WD tour concludes in Hall's Creek far north Western Australia.

The ruins of the Old Hall's Creek outback Australian town, is a worthwhile excursion where the evidence of a bygone era can be found. Be sure to call into the beautiful Sawpit Gorge, and Caroline Pool.

Gallery Point at Mission Bay Western Australia.
Gallery Point at Mission Bay on the West Australian Coast.

The Kimberley - Mitchell Plateau.
The Mitchell Plateau at the heart of The Kimberley.

Bell Gorge - Western Australia 4WD treks.
Bell Gorge, part of the Kimberley 4WD outback trek.

Geiki Gorge - experience an outback 4wd adventure tour.
Gieki Gorge - on the Kimberley 4WD Tag-Along tour.

Drysdale River Crossing - 4wd outback adventure.
The Drysdale River Crossing - Kimberley Western Australia.

Boab tree in outback Australia.
A Boab tree along the road to Kalumburu Western Australia.

Fishing Western Australia in the Kimberlies.
Fishing in the Kimberley Western Australia.

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