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Canning Stock Route - Gunbarrel Highway 4WD Trek
Outback WA & NT Australia

Canning Tour Introduction | Canning Stock Route Tour | Route Map | Canning Photos

Rise to the challenge and follow the footsteps of the early Australian outback cattleman, who along with local indigeneous guides opened up the West Australia desert country.

Tour concludes in the Red Centre of Australia at Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Northern Territory.

The Canning Stock Route is considered by many to be the ultimate 4x4 trip. Not so much for its difficulty but, more for the remoteness of this Australian outback area. Extensive 4WD travel preparation needs to be undertaken for this 4wd adventure trek into desert country which can be harsh and unforgiving. The Canning Stock Route crosses 4 of Australia's most remote deserts in West Australia and the Northern Territory.

Our 4wd tour starts in central Australia at Erldunda.  We head out from Yulara to Ayers Rock and the Olgas.

Travelling along the Gunbarrel Highway to Warburton, we visit Lasseters Cave, Docker River and Giles Meteorological Station.  From Warburton we pass the Len Beadell Tree and Len Beadell Memorial along the Gunbarrel Highway making our way to the Carnegie Station Homestead.  Here we spend the night where a shower and basic stores are available.

Via the Carnegie Station Track we make our way to the Wellington Ranges where we bush camp for the night.  The next day we arrive in Wiluna where we stock up with supplies.  We spend the night in the campground before leaving Wiluna the next morning and starting the Canning Stock Route section of the tour.

We visit all of the Canning Stock Route wells #1 - 51, some of which have been restored, others having deteriorated into disrepair over time. We take time out to have 2-day stopovers at Durba Springs, Breaden Pools and Rudall River National Park, and re-stocking for fuel at Well 23, Well 33 and the Billiluna Community. 

The 4WD adventure trek then follows the original Canning stock route, in the shoes of Alfred Canning, who in 1908 with men, camels and supplies for many months tackled this Australian Outback project of creating a means for the beef industry to take cattle from the isolated east Kimberley region of WA south to the markets, that were crying out for meat in the south of West Australia. The project took 2 years to complete.

A series of wells were constructed along the previously surveyed route, at permanent water sites, and today provides a fascinating adventure travel journey into some of our Australian history, after the little used track was transformed into a popular 4wd adventure trail.

Before we end our tour we visit Wolfe Creek Crater a very impressive meteorite crater. An amazing sight way out here in the unique West Australian scrub. The 4WD track continues NW to Halls Creek on the edge of The Kimberley where our tour concludes.

Wiluna Well - Canning Stock Route central australia.
Wiluna Well, the start of the Canning Stock Route.

Minni Ritche Tree - Australian native flora.
Minni Ritche Tree - only seen in Central Australia.

Outback water well central Australia.
Refurbished water well. Good drinking water at Well 6.

Mt Davis Western Australia.
Mt Davis, on the Canning Western Australia.

Sand dunes - 4wd australian outback desert.
4 Wheel Driving the Australian outback sand dunes.

Lake Aerodrome - Oz 4WD treks.
Lake Aerodrome - A dry salt lake in central Australia.
Walking the Canning stock route central australia.
4WD is easy compared to walking the Canning Stock Route.

Durba Springs - Australian desert oasis.
Durba Springs - an oasis in Central Australia.

Outback Australia fuel drop.
Service stations are few and far between in the outback.

Wardabunni waterhole - the Canning stock route Australia.
Wardabunni Waterhole on the Canning Stock Route West Australia.

Central Australian explorer gravesite.
Gravesite of one of the original surveyors of the Canning.

Central Australia - the red heart of Australia.
The red heart of Australia - Central Australia's famous red soil.

The Olgas. Northern Territory landmark.
The Olgas - a huge rocky outcrop near Uluru (Ayers Rock).

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